“She's Gotta Have It” season two is Beautiful Trash

I am actually disappointed in season two of She’s Gotta Have It; the entire season is beautiful trash, it is beautiful to look at yet cringe worthy to actually watch. I love the artistry and creativity of the characters, I love the filmography, and music shared throughout the series. But this season lacks good writing, and character development, where was the growth. We know nothing more about the characters in the second season. They had a great opportunity to dive into Nola and Opal relationship especially in regards to the boundaries Opal has towards her daughter. How do you have the nerve to question how someone chooses to raise a child you did not help birth. Secondly, how do you get beside yourself to authorize any form of body modification. Thirdly, the writers just abruptly ended it there. They broke up and Nola justified her selfishness and SCENE.

side note: Nola was completely wrong, and in my opinion Opal was generous. I don’t think I would have been poised.

nola 1.jpg

Another missed opportunity was Shemekka, first, the butt blow up in season one was dramatic and unnecessary and instead of seriously addressing body image in the black community they made a mockery of it. Nothing led up to Shemekka gaining the courage to complete the police sting because you can clearly sense her regret and insecurity with her body, but there was no dialogue leading up to it and her relationship with Fat Joe’s character is just weird.

Also what was the purpose of the trip to Puerto Rico, outside of Mars and his sister getting their lease agreement situated with their mom it was stretched out. They had beautiful imagery while commercially shedding light to Santeria but again all the extra was fluff that could have been used to actually tell a story.

Moving on to the British African artist Olu, whose medium of choice is cow shit. Then there is a scene with Nola walking toward his bungalow as she gets turned on while peeping on him creating his cow shit masterpiece butt ass naked. really sis.

Then we have the whole blow up scene at the final dinner which is uncomfortable, and again made parody of white people inappropriately moving through black art spaces. While I love that they introduced so many black artist, I feel like if you are not already invested in black art, by familiarizing yourself with the artists you would have thought the artists were as fictional as Nola which defeats the purpose of highlighting them.

nola 2.jpg

I could keep going on and on about all the missed opportunities that could have made season two really resonate. Jamie’s petty ass, was not needed this season. Clo’s character was briefly addressed yet they could have tie it together better. Mars, some what got his shit together but that fake dyslexia “Baby, Baby, Please Baby” is annoying and distracting. Nola art showcase was cute, but the ground breaking controversial art piece was not shocking to me at all, but as a person I don’t think she showed any personal growth from last season to now. If anything I’m more aware of how self-centered she is.

The writers tried to “start a conversation” about so many current topics but they only glazed over the surface and ended up falling short everything single time. The series jumped around a lot and it was not cohesive, making it hard to follow along. Lastly the “twitter talk” was a reach. They tried so hard to be relatable that it came off disingenuous.

I’m curious if the goal was to make your skin crawl, lol. Regardless, I love, the visuals, the actors and actresses are talented but the lack of character development in the writing did them an injustice. I only watched this season once, and I probably won’t watch it again, unless I need background noise with beautiful black visuals while I am doing house chores.

For People Who Feel Behind In Life

Evelyn is literally one of my best-friends in my head. When she posted this video she was talking to me... and I said to her "Girl I just had this same conversation in my head the other day!" 

Growing up in sports, I developed a competitive spirit which comes with its pros and cons. One of its flaws that I will admit to is creating a competition in my head with my peers.  Unconsciously stacking myself up against others to gauge my position and where I was in the race I made up in my head.  As I embrace self-love I've learned through self-awareness how that process it not helpful or productive by any means.  At the end of the day, you are not truly winning because the race doesn't really exist.  Society has done its due diligence in aiding us to stay in a rat race that again doesn't truly exist.  Therefore we look for meaning, substance, and validation in material things and people to uplift ourselves because we don't believe we are where we should be in life. 

Graduating from college was supposed to be the come up, the ultimate glory. And it was for a very brief moment because there is high.  A moment of eureka, because you made you it, you complete your bachelors degree.  Which has been ingrained in you since grade school will be the ultimate factor that alters your life and open doors of wonders. They didn't lie, attending college does provide life lessons and relationships both personal and professional. Yet, it only really matters in the realm of "college".  The rush to graduate and enter the "Real World" is a set up for failure. There is a structure that exists in higher education that doesn't exist in the real world. From my experience, once I was released from that structure I felt completely lost because I had nothing to gauge myself against, nothing to tell me whether or not I was succeeding.  Therefore, I hit an all time low that took almost 2 years to get out of because I was looking for something to do that would provide that structure. 

The lesson is the realization and acceptance that everyone path is different, and you aren't behind or ahead of anybody else. It is, what it is. What is yours will always be yours and what belongs to someone else belongs to them. Create your our structure and define what success is for you by your own standards. 

And just live.

The Best Brunch is with your Girls | Ft. Earls Kitchen


Brunch is literally my favorite meal and if I could have brunch every day and not just on the weekends that would be absolutely amazing.  I recently went to a new restaurant I've been dying to go to for a while with my friend Trish.  Per usual we met up at peak brunch hour and order our first round of mimosas and cocktails. 

Earls has a great brunch specials, $8 entrees during brunch hour and bottomless mimosas. I ordered the Chorizo + Mushrooms Hash with Coconut Mint Mojito and Trish orderd the Avocado  Super Brunch.  The food was delicious and the ambiance is luxurious and chill simultaneously.


Brunch with my girls never falls short, our conversations start with catching up then shifts into what is truly on our minds and in our hearts. We talk about work, relationships, finances, and our goals. The entire time we are listening and lifting each other up, affirming one another and giving sound advice or a difference perspective. 

It is crucial to have an amazing support system of women in your circle.  They help you stay motivated and challenge you in ways that will push you further. Good girlfriends challenge you to challenge yourself. 


Catch and Release

In such a society driven by materialism, titles, numbers of like and follows, it can be debilitating to discover there are people that catch you only to release you.

There is a viral video of Lauryn Hill speaking at a college and she says something that unfortunately 17 years later still rings true. " Love is an incredible thing and we don't know it like we should cause if a person stops stimulating us we stop loving them".

With such access and the advancement of social media, it is extremely easy to fall victim and idolize false realities. It is too easy to scrolls through your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feed and succumbs to feeling inadequate in yourself and or what you posses.  You can falsy read into manicured posts and Snapchat stories and believe the relationship you hold with your partner is not "right" in comparison. 

It truly displays a strong sense that we all suffer from but refuse to admit. Simply, we all desire to be liked and admire. But to reach this admiration we pretend to be what we believe others will like, more than not leaving our truest self at bay. 

This same conscience or unconscious behavior travels with us into our relationships at work, friendships, partnership and any type of “ship”.  Many people blame social media, but I beg to differ, social media just so happened to show us who we really are.

Conscious Fashion | Shopping with a Purpose ft. Quarterwear

I recently met up with a friend Falade and he shared with me that he started a clothing line so he wanted to gift me with an item from the new collection. Obviously, I was excited, because who doesn't love free stuff! So I took the opportunity to chat with him and learn about his clothing line and the inspiration behind it.  

What inspired you to create Quaterwear?

I created Quarterwear because I am a direct result of individuals and organizations going above and beyond, assisting me through the most challenging times in my life.

Can you explain a little more what that means? 

Individuals such as Mrs. Muni, Mr. Lawson, Pastor Patrick Ligon, Pastor Angela Ligon and many more. Organizations such as Cornerstone Christian Academy and Great Faith Christian Center Church. There are not enough pages to contain the names of people who have assisted me in my life. I believe that individuals and organizations like these should be given more than chapters in future history books. Or, even a page in a business plan where an executive summary should exist. I believe they should be rewarded and supported. I believe in standing ovations for these men, women, and organizations and I am committed to making it easier for them to change the world, and the people in it, for the better.

The new collection is called Merci, how did you come up with that?

When I relaunched Quarterwear I started off selling art on canvas featuring words from a poem I wrote. The art was basically hand lettering by local artist Dennise Ramirez-Hall. My goal was, and still is, to tell a story with every piece.  But, the art did not take off as well as I would have hoped so when we switched back to clothing, Merci was the only line from the poem that carried over.

What are some challenges you face with managing a clothing line?

Well, I would say everybody has their own unique challenges. The challenges I currently face are probably not the same as Off-White, Fear of God, Adidas, etc. lol. But, for me, the biggest challenge was stepping away from the desire to design, which is so much fun.  But to focus on understanding the fashion industry, read up on trends, research. So, in short, my challenge is remembering to keep things simple and focus on the true growth of sales and impact for our current charity partners. 

What makes Quarterwear different from the hundreds of other online clothing lines?

First, our tangible impact to our charity partners. Also, our design, style and product, Merci is hand illustrated by the artist Dennise Ramirez Hall. Lastly, the story and purpose behind the brand. Every sale impacts 25 lives through a partnering non-profit. The current collection feeds 25 children through Feeding Children Everywhere.

Whats to come in the future?

In the future, we will be delivering more items that will become staples or everyday wearable items for people. For now, we are just keeping it simple.

To sum it all up what is Quarterwear?

Quarterwear is a casual and comfortable clothing brand that raises awareness, support, and capital for the world’s greatest causes and those who address them. Every sale impacts 25 lives through a partnering non-profit. We are for the problem-solvers, the world-changers. 

Website | Quaterwear.org                                                                                                                                                                                  Instagram | @Quarterwear
Facebook | Facebook.com/Quarterwear

My Favorite Skin & Hair Care Products for Summer | Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica

A major part of self-care and good hygiene is being intentional about caring for your skin and hair. The usual typically occurs, you shower with a body wash, wash your face with a cleanser, and moisturize afterwards; pretty straightforward.  But have you ever truly considered the products you are using to obtain optimal results. For the past few years, I have been extremely intentional about the products I use and I try to buy products as natural as possible within my budget.  

It wasn't until I was having a conversation with a friend about our skincare routines that I realized a good portion of my daily beauty products are from Alba Botanica. What I love about this brand is not only do their product work, but I admire their mission and vision. Their mission is to simply "To Do My Beautiful". Alba Botanica creates 100% vegetarian products that overflow with botanical ingredients.  Also they environmentally conscious and animal cruelty-free. I wanted to share the items I am currently using and how I incorporate them into my routines. 

Very Emollient Bath & Shower Gel in Midnight Tuberose:  This  indulging bath gel moisturizes, soothes and softens skin while taking your senses into a lush garden because it smells amazing! This shower gel doesnt leave my skin feeling dry and stripped of all oils and the major plus is that it is pH balanced. 

Very Emollient Body Lotion Herbal Healing: (Not in photo) I have been using this body mositurizer for a couple months and I completely love it. It is made with blend of bamboo, aloe extracts, cannabis oil, oatmeal and turmeric that delivers intense moisturization and help calm the skin. Since I've been usung this I don't have to reapply lotion throughout the day. 

Hawaiian Body Scrub: I used this body scrub once a week, and it is hands down the best scrub I've used. I use it on wet and dry skin depending on my mood. What makes this scrub so amazing is the oils.  Once you rinse off the salt scrub the mixture of  jojoba, macadamia, avocado and sweet almond oils will leave your skin so smooth and moisturize you won't need lotion afterwards. Promise!

Good & Clean Daily Detox Foaming Cleanser: I use this cleanser after my morning workouts and I excerise Monday - Friday at 5am, so this cleanser is perfect for detoxing and getting rid of all the sweat and grime on my face. The fruit acid complex in this cleanser has a soft grapefruit scent that wake me up as well as my skin. 

Hawaiian Conditioner Coconut Milk: Let me start by saying not all conditioners are made equal.  Being a naturally curly girl,  it is hard to find a conditioner with the perfect amount of slip and moisture to detangle, deep condition and co-wash my hair. But this conditioner can do all three essentially saving me money. My hair has the tendency to be really dry so the high fatty acids, protein, and coconut milk helps locks in moisture to strengthen my cuticles and reduce split ends.

What are your favorites beauty products ? Share them with me in the comments.

*Disclaimer this post is not sponsored (I wish it was considering I genuinely love this brand).


Travel Destination | Down in New Orleans

This spring semester has been a complete world-wind and I am so excited that is it finally over. From having multiple papers and discussion posts due each week, I will admit it was difficult to find time to focus on the blog.  However, during spring break, I was able to relax and simply enjoy myself with my family and I had the best time ever!

What began as a somewhat stressful in regards to planning completely vanished once we all huddled ourselves in my Uncle's rental van that was entirely too small to accompany six adults and all of our luggage. I would like to mention the drive was an extremely uncomfortable 12 hours but we slept through most of it. 

We left Orlando 3 am and arrive at our Air B&B around 2:30 pm. We started our trip by exploring the around our new home for the week. Once we walked back to the Air B&B we all completely K.O. until dinner time. Our Air B&B was in a perfect location, we were able to walk everywhere and an Uber ride was never more than 15 minutes from our destination. For dinner, we walked to Parkway Bakery for a Shrimp Po'boy. 

The following morning we started the day with a yoga class at The Calbildo on Jackson Square.

yoga at the cabildo

We roamed around Jackson Square for while as we waited for out Uber to take us back to the Air B&B to get ready for breakfast. It was literally around 9:30am and the city was alive with live music, artists, performers, everyone was about their hustle. 

My cousin Shelby recommended The Ruby Slipper Cafe for breakfast, what happened to be a nearly a two-hour wait was worth it! Let me start by staying the food in New Orleans is absolutely hands-down the best food I ever had in my life (sorry Mom). The food was amazing!!!

There is so much to do in New Orleans, the culture and history are literally in your face. If you know me well, then you know I went to several museums. The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, Louisiana State Museum Cabildo and a few galleries I stumbled upon just roaming the city.  But I also wanted to include some adventure, I decided to go kayaking out in the St. John Bayou with my cousin, and it turned out to be one of the many highlights. The instructor was so nice and professional, he gave a mini how-to and safety guideline and within minutes we were in the water. 

Kayaking in New Orleans

Also, we couldn't leave without seeing our family friends that we see every year during Christmas in Orlando, so it was special to see them in their city and  spend the day with them. New Orleans isn't complete without a couple of nights spent on Bourbon Street. We bar hopped, clubbed hopped, sang karaoke, danced in the middle of the street and drank

Honestly, New Orleans is literally my favorite city. I am already planning my next trip. If you been to New Orleans before let me know your experience and some of your favorites spot in the comments.

The Silver Lining | Travel Destination, Jamaica

There is always sliver lining even in the gloomiest moments life can offer.  Early February, I went on a family trip to Jamaica. Which was long overdue since the last time I went to Jamaica, I was 13 or 14 years old, and at 26, my first time going back was for a funeral. 

Therefore my intention was set, to meet as much family as I can, take pictures with them, and get their contact information.  I didn't want for the next time we connect to be for another funeral arrangement.  So I did just that!

Though, not the ideal circumstance, it was the best one! For me, this trip was a celebration of life and a family reunion all in one.  I literally met family members for what felt like the first time because so much time had passed. 

During the funeral, I learned of a trait that me and late aunt shared, it was the passion to bring people together and sharing moments. As for me its always been capturing moments through my camera lense. 

I will admit, I have a very immature and inaccurate reality as it relates to death. I am not afraid of death and I am well aware that death is apart of life. But when it comes to family and close relatives it is hard for me to phantom their presence no longer existing. No more conversations and no more memories to be shared. Therefore, I made a promise to myself, to not let so much time pass until I connect with my family that live outside of U.S. and also to connect with my father side of the family. So I am proud to say I already have a second trip to Jamaica planned for the summer, and plans to hangout with my cousin (Father-side) when she visit Florida. 

This short trip reaffirmed the importance of family. Regardless of how often we communicate, the distance that seperate us, family is family and I am beyond blessed to have such a large family. 

Rest In Peace
Maxine "Ann" Graham