Catch and Release

In such a society driven by materialism, titles, numbers of like and follows, it can be debilitating to discover there are people that catch you only to release you.

There is a viral video of Lauryn Hill speaking at a college and she says something that unfortunately 17 years later still rings true. " Love is an incredible thing and we don't know it like we should cause if a person stops stimulating us we stop loving them".

With such access and the advancement of social media, it is extremely easy to fall victim and idolize false realities. It is too easy to scrolls through your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feed and succumbs to feeling inadequate in yourself and or what you posses.  You can falsy read into manicured posts and Snapchat stories and believe the relationship you hold with your partner is not "right" in comparison. 

It truly displays a strong sense that we all suffer from but refuse to admit. Simply, we all desire to be liked and admire. But to reach this admiration we pretend to be what we believe others will like, more than not leaving our truest self at bay. 

This same conscience or unconscious behavior travels with us into our relationships at work, friendships, partnership and any type of “ship”.  Many people blame social media, but I beg to differ, social media just so happened to show us who we really are.