For People Who Feel Behind In Life

Evelyn is literally one of my best-friends in my head. When she posted this video she was talking to me... and I said to her "Girl I just had this same conversation in my head the other day!" 

Growing up in sports, I developed a competitive spirit which comes with its pros and cons. One of its flaws that I will admit to is creating a competition in my head with my peers.  Unconsciously stacking myself up against others to gauge my position and where I was in the race I made up in my head.  As I embrace self-love I've learned through self-awareness how that process it not helpful or productive by any means.  At the end of the day, you are not truly winning because the race doesn't really exist.  Society has done its due diligence in aiding us to stay in a rat race that again doesn't truly exist.  Therefore we look for meaning, substance, and validation in material things and people to uplift ourselves because we don't believe we are where we should be in life. 

Graduating from college was supposed to be the come up, the ultimate glory. And it was for a very brief moment because there is high.  A moment of eureka, because you made you it, you complete your bachelors degree.  Which has been ingrained in you since grade school will be the ultimate factor that alters your life and open doors of wonders. They didn't lie, attending college does provide life lessons and relationships both personal and professional. Yet, it only really matters in the realm of "college".  The rush to graduate and enter the "Real World" is a set up for failure. There is a structure that exists in higher education that doesn't exist in the real world. From my experience, once I was released from that structure I felt completely lost because I had nothing to gauge myself against, nothing to tell me whether or not I was succeeding.  Therefore, I hit an all time low that took almost 2 years to get out of because I was looking for something to do that would provide that structure. 

The lesson is the realization and acceptance that everyone path is different, and you aren't behind or ahead of anybody else. It is, what it is. What is yours will always be yours and what belongs to someone else belongs to them. Create your our structure and define what success is for you by your own standards. 

And just live.