The Best Brunch is with your Girls | Ft. Earls Kitchen


Brunch is literally my favorite meal and if I could have brunch every day and not just on the weekends that would be absolutely amazing.  I recently went to a new restaurant I've been dying to go to for a while with my friend Trish.  Per usual we met up at peak brunch hour and order our first round of mimosas and cocktails. 

Earls has a great brunch specials, $8 entrees during brunch hour and bottomless mimosas. I ordered the Chorizo + Mushrooms Hash with Coconut Mint Mojito and Trish orderd the Avocado  Super Brunch.  The food was delicious and the ambiance is luxurious and chill simultaneously.


Brunch with my girls never falls short, our conversations start with catching up then shifts into what is truly on our minds and in our hearts. We talk about work, relationships, finances, and our goals. The entire time we are listening and lifting each other up, affirming one another and giving sound advice or a difference perspective. 

It is crucial to have an amazing support system of women in your circle.  They help you stay motivated and challenge you in ways that will push you further. Good girlfriends challenge you to challenge yourself.