Conscious Fashion | Shopping with a Purpose ft. Quarterwear

I recently met up with a friend Falade and he shared with me that he started a clothing line so he wanted to gift me with an item from the new collection. Obviously, I was excited, because who doesn't love free stuff! So I took the opportunity to chat with him and learn about his clothing line and the inspiration behind it.  

What inspired you to create Quaterwear?

I created Quarterwear because I am a direct result of individuals and organizations going above and beyond, assisting me through the most challenging times in my life.

Can you explain a little more what that means? 

Individuals such as Mrs. Muni, Mr. Lawson, Pastor Patrick Ligon, Pastor Angela Ligon and many more. Organizations such as Cornerstone Christian Academy and Great Faith Christian Center Church. There are not enough pages to contain the names of people who have assisted me in my life. I believe that individuals and organizations like these should be given more than chapters in future history books. Or, even a page in a business plan where an executive summary should exist. I believe they should be rewarded and supported. I believe in standing ovations for these men, women, and organizations and I am committed to making it easier for them to change the world, and the people in it, for the better.

The new collection is called Merci, how did you come up with that?

When I relaunched Quarterwear I started off selling art on canvas featuring words from a poem I wrote. The art was basically hand lettering by local artist Dennise Ramirez-Hall. My goal was, and still is, to tell a story with every piece.  But, the art did not take off as well as I would have hoped so when we switched back to clothing, Merci was the only line from the poem that carried over.

What are some challenges you face with managing a clothing line?

Well, I would say everybody has their own unique challenges. The challenges I currently face are probably not the same as Off-White, Fear of God, Adidas, etc. lol. But, for me, the biggest challenge was stepping away from the desire to design, which is so much fun.  But to focus on understanding the fashion industry, read up on trends, research. So, in short, my challenge is remembering to keep things simple and focus on the true growth of sales and impact for our current charity partners. 

What makes Quarterwear different from the hundreds of other online clothing lines?

First, our tangible impact to our charity partners. Also, our design, style and product, Merci is hand illustrated by the artist Dennise Ramirez Hall. Lastly, the story and purpose behind the brand. Every sale impacts 25 lives through a partnering non-profit. The current collection feeds 25 children through Feeding Children Everywhere.

Whats to come in the future?

In the future, we will be delivering more items that will become staples or everyday wearable items for people. For now, we are just keeping it simple.

To sum it all up what is Quarterwear?

Quarterwear is a casual and comfortable clothing brand that raises awareness, support, and capital for the world’s greatest causes and those who address them. Every sale impacts 25 lives through a partnering non-profit. We are for the problem-solvers, the world-changers. 

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