5 Interior Design Style Tips for your Bedroom.

interior design

Earlier this year I moved into a new apartment and I was adamant about having the bedroom of my dreams. Therefore, I literally became obsessive watching non-stop youtube videos of bedroom makeovers, HGTV, and saving photos online to my Pinterest account.  I learned a tremendous amount of style tips which all worked in my favor, that a few of my friends have volunteered me to help them design their bedroom in the coming months. 

Decide On A Style

This is the first and most important tip.  Picking out your theme or rather style will help move you in the right direction and creating a cohesive look. There are many styles to choose from a great resource I stumbled upon is DwellCandy.com. There you can find a list of over 20 styles along with their characteristics that make them unique. The style of my room is transitional, which is a mixture traditional and contemporary.

Choose Your Color Scheme

Depending on your style there may or may not be popular color schemes you want to stick to. I used neutral colors as a base. My headboard and frame are gray, while my dresser and bookcase is pure white color. This allows me to switch my accent colors fairly easily. Currently, my accent color is gold and because my bed is the focal point I can easily add color by changing my bedding.  

Incorporate Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures help catch your eyes attention and create depth into your space. Patterns can be incorporated in your bedding, curtains, and decorative items. Textures can be either visual or textile and and relates to actual feeling or perception of what a texture could feel like. I incorporated patterns with my golden geometric nightstands which also added a glam touch and a classic black and white vertical striped accent chair. 

Decorate Your Walls

Grab a couple of nails and a hammer and add art to your walls. You can hang framed pieces, canvases, or a collage of family photos. You can even paint an accent wall. Just do not leave your walls bare. 

Know Where to Splurge and Save

You don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate your bedroom, but be realistic with your budget and yourself. If you want quality be willing to spend that cash. The only item I splurged or rather invested was my headboard and frame because I knew I was going to keep it for a couple of years.  I purchased my dresser and mirror from LetGo App for $100 which is a steal. I found my nightstands at ROSS for less than $60 total. You can find a lot of great inexpensive home decor at ROSS and T.J Maxx. You don't need to purchase everything from a typical furniture store.