Love's Delight

The thought of you brings me into a place of complete bliss, where my present realities no longer consume me and all I can fathom is the essence of you.  

Your presence renders me into a confinement.

I'm stuck, memorize, infatuated because it must be too good to be true.

 With a kiss on the palm of the hand, I internally explode, butterflies flutter in the pit of my stomach, fireworks ignite in my chest, and my knees tremble in delight.  

Just in case you are wondering why I hold on to you so tight. Your voice is a saxophone to my ears, no matter the tune, I'll sway in whatever direction the rhythm moves. 

I'll follow your steps, only to be in awe of the prints you leave behind. A man of long strides. I'll look to them as a guide. 

To be caught up in your winds, I will take flight. I land sitting on a cloud in awe of such a delight.