The Young Professional, Pros & Cons

Upon graduating college everyone's goal is to land a job and  begin progressing in their careers. Divulging into my personal experience working in a professional setting as a young adult has revealed to me how unprofessional, professional life really is.  While in college, I attended a plethora of professional development workshops from email etiquette, networking, first impression etc.  You name it, I've probably attended it. The deeper I find myself interacting and observing my colleagues the more I noticed professionalism is not "Professionalism"  it is a "Mask".

It is a mask, that tends to shade over the fact that you are human. It covers your creativity, charm, and individuality. I find myself at times in certain settings where I am in conflict with being "professional" and being myself. As a young professional, you are praised for your youth. You are looked upon for modern and edgy innovations and being able to streamline everything into one, much like our all in one smartphone. Yet, you are disregarded in some instances as incompetent and inexperienced. While, the difference is not lack of knowledge but a different method of attack. We Millennials, have such an amazing niche. That is our unapologetic notion that "anything is possible". Can you truly blame us, we've been feed this line since birth? Yet, in the professional world, we are met with restrictions, or a clear cut "NO", for the same suggestions we were hired to possibly implement.

Though it is not all bad, it is truly uplifting when you are acknowledged by your colleagues for your amazing work and  growth. When others pull you aside and say, " you will go far you have amazing potential". It is by far a great confidence booster. In all, where do you find that happy medium of being yourself, and being "professional"?The answer to that will be different for everyone and many factors play a pivotal role. For example your work atmosphere, your relationship with your co-workers, and communication. Once you figured that out, you can make a decision for yourself , on how much of yourself, can you give to the "professional" world.