Travel Destination | Down in New Orleans

This spring semester has been a complete world-wind and I am so excited that is it finally over. From having multiple papers and discussion posts due each week, I will admit it was difficult to find time to focus on the blog.  However, during spring break, I was able to relax and simply enjoy myself with my family and I had the best time ever!

What began as a somewhat stressful in regards to planning completely vanished once we all huddled ourselves in my Uncle's rental van that was entirely too small to accompany six adults and all of our luggage. I would like to mention the drive was an extremely uncomfortable 12 hours but we slept through most of it. 

We left Orlando 3 am and arrive at our Air B&B around 2:30 pm. We started our trip by exploring the around our new home for the week. Once we walked back to the Air B&B we all completely K.O. until dinner time. Our Air B&B was in a perfect location, we were able to walk everywhere and an Uber ride was never more than 15 minutes from our destination. For dinner, we walked to Parkway Bakery for a Shrimp Po'boy. 

The following morning we started the day with a yoga class at The Calbildo on Jackson Square.

yoga at the cabildo

We roamed around Jackson Square for while as we waited for out Uber to take us back to the Air B&B to get ready for breakfast. It was literally around 9:30am and the city was alive with live music, artists, performers, everyone was about their hustle. 

My cousin Shelby recommended The Ruby Slipper Cafe for breakfast, what happened to be a nearly a two-hour wait was worth it! Let me start by staying the food in New Orleans is absolutely hands-down the best food I ever had in my life (sorry Mom). The food was amazing!!!

There is so much to do in New Orleans, the culture and history are literally in your face. If you know me well, then you know I went to several museums. The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, Louisiana State Museum Cabildo and a few galleries I stumbled upon just roaming the city.  But I also wanted to include some adventure, I decided to go kayaking out in the St. John Bayou with my cousin, and it turned out to be one of the many highlights. The instructor was so nice and professional, he gave a mini how-to and safety guideline and within minutes we were in the water. 

Kayaking in New Orleans

Also, we couldn't leave without seeing our family friends that we see every year during Christmas in Orlando, so it was special to see them in their city and  spend the day with them. New Orleans isn't complete without a couple of nights spent on Bourbon Street. We bar hopped, clubbed hopped, sang karaoke, danced in the middle of the street and drank

Honestly, New Orleans is literally my favorite city. I am already planning my next trip. If you been to New Orleans before let me know your experience and some of your favorites spot in the comments.