Travel Destination | Afropunk, Atlanta

A weekend getaway that was much needed! In December of 2016, I decided I would attend Afropunk, Atlanta. Once the tickets went live I bought a ticket and I told myself I would go alone if I had to.  As a new years resolution, I wanted to travel to at least two places in 2017, thankfully I was able to surpass that goal and hit three with Atlanta being the last destination. 

Thankfully, my best friend Persephanie was able to tag along. Months prior we secured our Air B&B  and travel arrangements.  I decided to take the Mega-bus to Atlanta because the airline cost was outrageous, so for $17 and 8 hours I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia at 9:30 am on Friday.  Persephanie drove from South Carolina so I had a couple hours to spare before she picked me up.  I decided to grab breakfast at Atlanta Breakfast Club, slightly overpriced but still great food. Apparently this is a really popular place amongst locals and tourists because the wait was out the door. 

After breakfast, I decided to check out the The Center for Civil and Human Right Museum. I was able to sneak into a group that booked a tour guide, so getting detailed history while observing all the pictures and artifacts was a plus. 

Friday night Persephanie and I decided to go to The Basement for Rock The Boat: Afropunk Edition club night. It was great since we got a chance to hear some of the Dj's that would be performing at Afropunk. 

Saturday &  Sunday at Afropunk
Honestly, the vibe was amazing as soon as we passed security and made our way through the entrance. Initially, we expected to be waiting in a long line for a few minutes, but that wasn't the case at all, we literally walked right in. The first day was kinda gray in regards to the weather, but it was welcome as it kept the heat at bay. While Sunday was HOT for no reason. 

There were two stages, the green stage, and red stage. The green stage seemed to be R&B and Hip-Hop, while the red stage played  Rock music. The artists and Dj's were lined up back to back, which was a bit frustrating since it meant running back and forth between stages. 

There was an underlying theme of celebrating Black Women and Black Women's health, this was very noticeable throughout the vendors, the panels, and the host of the green stage.  The panels were informative, capturing, and entertaining.  The panels were titled "Solutions Session" I especially sat on Freedom on Tap with Melissa Harris-Perry, and Dorian Warren featuring  Yvonne Orji, Molly from HBO's Insecure. I'm honestly even more obsessed with her, she was brilliant, funny and well versed.  I literally recorded the whole segment, I was beyond starstruck. Did I mention I got a selfie with Yvonne Orji and got my whole life!

Everyone we met was so nice and welcoming, like lets take a moment and talk about POSITIVE VIBES.  Genuine compliments, meaningful conversations, making new friends in a matter of seconds. It was beautiful! 

Thanks to google I found some quality photos of some of the artist's sets I attended. Outside of Solange being my favorite performance, I honestly wasn't disappointed with anyone set...actually I lied, Mykki Blanco did nothing for me, given I wasn't familiar with their music beforehand  I still wasn't sold seeing them in person, sorry.  I also saw Flatbush Zombies which was awesome considering I missed them twice when they toured to Orlando, Willow Smith, who brought our her mom Jada Pinkett Smith to perform a rock song together, Danny Brown, Sam Dew, Oshun, The Txlips, Jsport, Martina McFlyy, Decoteau, and  other lit Dj's. 

Overall to end what could be an extremely long post, I had a great time in Atlanta, at the Afropunk Festival. I already have plans to attend next years festival in Brooklyn, New York. Comment below if you've ever been to Afropunk or any other music festival and share your experience.