Travel Destination | Washington D.C.

The past couple months have been a whirlwind. From starting a new job, traveling, and moving. None the less, I'm still excited to share my experience while in Washington D.C. I started a new job earlier in the year and with that transition, I also received a trip to Washington D.C. how awesome!  I should also mention this was my first time traveling to Washington D. C. The trip was planned during spring break so I was thrilled to dabble in the chilly weather for a bit and see the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, the cherry blossoms didn't bloom during the expected dates due to the cold weather and snow storm.

Washington D.C. is such a historical city and it was fascinating seeing it all in person. It's overwhelming, remembering that slaves built a majority of the historical landmarks.  We went to the National of African American History and Culture which was the most memorable and breathtaking museums I have ever been to. If your name is not on the waitlist get it on there ASAP. The NMAAHC is divided into two mega exhibits, the first being the History Galleries. There is history in every crevice and it is a lot to absorb so be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster, of sadness, disgust, hope, pride and revelation.

The second exhibit screams IM BLACK & IM PROUD. Detailing all the contribution made by African American Men and Women from art, television, film, music, fashion education, theater, writing, military services, community organizations. It is all there and it will give you "Life". It took us two days to walk thru the entire museum and both days, we spent 5+ hours inside exploring everything we could.

We traveled around National Mall and visited the various landmarks like the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, World War II Memorial, and the Washington Monument. In addition, we also went to Howard University, District Taco, and the cutest tea shop called Calabash, the owner was so amazing and the atmosphere, I didn't want to leave.

To end what could be a massively long post, I had an amazing time in D.C. From karaoke at Wok & Roll, late night snowball fights at the park across the street from our hotel, museum visits, the nightlife, traveling via metro. It was summed up to be a memorable experience and I excited to visit again soon.