Nola(1986) vs. Nola(2017)

So I finally finished watching Netflix's Series of "She Gotta Have It", well actually I finished it a while ago and I've noticed some differenes in the personalities of Nola Darling (1986) and Nola Darling (2017).


My Four favorite Bloggers

As a writer, I enjoy reading what others have to say, how they say it, there tone and what is important to them. I follow many bloggers that write about different topics from fashion, travel, business, creative writing and wellness.

Why Wait till January

 With two months until the new year. Have you started working on my goals for 2018?  Last year I started working on my New Years resolutions early and it was a major key and helped me accomplish nearly all my goals. If you can get a head start on new positive habits before the new year begins,  you can reach them sooner than you think.