Orlando Adventures | Black Bean Deli

This weekend I went to a Cuban cafe called Black Bean Deli on Mills and 50.  It's been in business for roughly 15 years and I’ve driven past this place a million times yet never took the time to actually stop by.  I noticed its popularity growing and I finally decided to give it a try after a trip to the Orlando Art Museum with my friend Jonathan.

Upon walking in, I noticed they had 2 for $6 mimosa special, immediately I fell in love. As I walked in the decor was very bright and modern with industrial pieces. To be blunt I was actually disappointed by this, I thought I was walking into an old school “mom & pop” diner, not a hipster haven. Note: I have nothing against hipsters.

Nonetheless, the service was awesome, the young woman at the counter was very helpful describing the menu options. As we know, walking into any new restaurant and deciding on that first meal is a huge deal, because it can ultimately determine if you will ever go back again. I decided on the Pan con Lechon with a guava pastry and my friend Jonathan ordered the Cuban sandwich and an empanada.

Our food was served in a timely manner, considering we were starving after leaving the museum. The server brought out our sandwiches on these cute little baking pans.  To some, this may not be a big deal, but it definitely sets them apart.

Overall, I had a great experience at Black Bean Deli and I will definitely be going back. It’s honestly a great place to meet up for a quick bite to eat with some friends before heading into the heart of downtown Orlando.

Pan Con Lechon