Travel destination | JAMAICA 

There is always sliver lining even in the gloomiest moments life can offer.  Early February, I went on a family trip to Jamaica. Which was long overdue since the last time I went to Jamaica, I was 13 or 14 years old, and at 26, my first time going back was for a funeral.


Triggers | Book Review & tips

I randomly picked up a book at my sister -in-law house called Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith, literally on the first of January.  Which is ironic because the book is about factors that debilitate us from making positives behaviors we seek to change in ourselves.

Nola(1986) vs. Nola(2017)

So I finally finished watching Netflix's Series of "She Gotta Have It", well actually I finished it a while ago and I've noticed some differenes in the personalities of Nola Darling (1986) and Nola Darling (2017).